Graham Boyd - Abstract Artist


Recently, I have got to know the very lovely, Graham Boyd, a local abstract artist who happens to live just a stone’s throw from me.

I got talking to Graham after seeing him on his daily morning strolls around our local countryside. He would always have a friendly smile, walking along with his nordic sticks (you wouldn’t believe he is 90!) and I just knew the minute I saw his face, that he would be an incredible character to get to know.

I invited Graham to my studio to share my portrait work, after having seen his amazing paintings. During our meeting, I decided to take his portrait, during which time, I learned so many interesting facts about Graham.

Graham was born in Bristol, but in later life, spent some considerable time in Africa, which had a marked influence on his work.

Graham later taught and held a Fulbright Professorship in America. He was Head of Painting at the University of Hertfordshire’s College of Art and Design from 1976 to 1993.

For the past four decades, he has worked from his Chipperfield studio, attending artists workshops and symposiums in New York, Barcelona and The Azores, working with an international cross-section of painters, sculptors and other media artists.

He continues to exhibit widely and frequently, where his work is to be found in both public and private collections in the U. K. and abroad. Take a look at his amazing creations for yourself on his website here.