Of course, one of the biggest benefits of being a professional photographer and having my own studio, is that I can continually capture my children as they change and grow through the years.  I have always said that my eldest, Sophia, has been my amazing muse...happy to model for me, help explore new lighting techniques, test out new props and model new outfits.  

She has this incredible calmness, patience and a superior understanding of what I want to achieve, sometimes without me even telling her! 

But the best bit?  It's that we get to spend some quality one on one time together, which ultimately ends in her larking around in between shots and making me laugh!

This is one of my favourites of her  (I'll post more soon) and is also the first time using my lovely new prop.  A chair remastered by the very clever Victoria Hussey at Revived Interiors Upholstery. Seriously, check out her work and contact her for bespoke pieces for your home.

Given all the Royal News of the recent "Wedding of the Year", we decided to create our very own Royal Portrait...This is Lady Sophia!